Mixtapes Trap-A-Holics, DJ Kash, DJ Ace Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - Civil War 2 (2 Sides Of A Story)
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Play 01. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - Intro (0:46)
Play 02. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - 2 Sides Of A Story [Prod. By Jordan] (3:25)
Play 03. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - Slim Dunkin' [Prod. By TM-88] (2:58)
Play 04. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - I Used To (Feat. D Dash) [Prod. By Beat Zombies] (4:39)
Play 05. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - The Real World [Prod. By Icey Beatz] (3:39)
Play 06. Dae Dae & Sy Ari Da Kid - I'm Ballin (Feat. D Dash & Cam) [Prod. By TM-88] (3:43)
Play 07. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - Affiliated (Feat. D Dash) [Prod. By TM-88] (3:26)
Play 08. Dae Dae & Sy Ari Da Kid - Movin Up (Feat. Frenchie) [Prod. By London On Da Track] (4:00)
Play 09. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - On Dunk (Feat. D Dash) [Prod. By Blue Beats] (3:43)
Play 10. Sy Ari Da Kid - Muhvugga (Feat. Doe Boy & K Camp) [Prod. By Sly Planet] (4:24)
Play 11. Dae Dae & Sy Ari Da Kid - True Shit (Feat. Shawty Boy) [Prod. By Yung Cryptonite] (3:56)
Play 12. Dae Dae & Sy Ari Da Kid - Recruiting (Feat. D Dash, J-Mike & Fetti Gang) [Prod. By Yung Kryptonite] (5:00)
Play 13. Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae - Professional (Feat. K Camp) [Prod. By Dreyzah] (3:16)
Play 14. Dae Dae - One Call Away (Feat. Stuey Rock & D Dash) [Prod. By TM-88] (3:38)
Play 15. Dae Dae - Rambo (Feat. Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Southside & TM-88] (4:16)
Play 16. Sy Ari Da Kid - Talkin' To Em (3:22)
Play 17. DJ Ace - Outro (0:33)
4:58 AM November 30, 2014 mastamindatl via Mobile:

D dash way betta den sy ari fym
5:25 PM August 25, 2013 Matown said:

I like the first one way better Sy Ari Da Kid came hard in his verses as alwayz but the lackluster shortcomings of the other DG members took away from the overall tape.
9:22 PM April 27, 2013 Escobeats said:

@doubts he family wit DG .. plus he got the hardest beats in the game .. 808 mafia ?? .. he aint gonna get any harder than them ..
4:25 AM April 26, 2013 doubts72 said:

Nigga dae dae got potential , he needs to go solo and make mixtapes wit hard beats
2:39 AM April 12, 2013 Mcrem via Mobile:

This is ****ing trash real talk... N I don't even hate ari... But it looks like when he links up wit these clowns... **** turns 2 trash
10:53 PM April 7, 2013 5nowmane said:

Icey Beatz all day 804!!!
12:57 AM March 25, 2013 ddecje via Mobile:

This **** was aright but the first one was way better
2:38 PM March 24, 2013 jamariobell said:

rip slim dunk but chaz n kenny had a pistol and didnt even buss smdh...
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