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Plies releases his 2nd volume in the fan favorite mixtape series "On Trial". He handles most of the rapping on this mixtape with only two features from Tampa rapper Xtra. Production comes from Lody, Will-A-Fool, MikeWillMadeIt, League Of Starz, D-Rich, DJ Montay, Filthy Beatz, G5, June James & Stunna MF Baby. Purple Heart the album on the way!!!

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Play 01. Plies - Mean Muggin [Prod. By G5] (3:41)
Play 02. Plies - Hunna [Prod. By Filthy Beatz] (3:19)
Play 03. Plies - Makin Playz [Prod. By Lody] (3:31)
Play 04. Plies - Whacked [Prod. By Lody] (5:02)
Play 05. Plies - Paper Cutz [Prod. By League Of Starz] (3:56)
Play 06. Plies - Low Miles [Prod. By Filthy Beatz] (3:17)
Play 07. Plies - Workin (Feat. Xtra) [Prod. By D-Rich] (3:51)
Play 08. Plies - True Colors [Prod. By D-Rich] (4:07)
Play 09. Plies - Yeen Really On Dat [Prod. By Will-A-Fool] (3:03)
Play 10. Plies - Big Faces (Feat. Xtra) [Prod. By June James] (3:15)
Play 11. Plies - A Couple Bandz On 'Em [Prod. By Lody] (3:01)
Play 12. Plies - Flickalatin [Prod. By Stunna MF Baby] (3:15)
Play 13. Plies - My Bitch [Prod. By Mike Will Made It] (3:29)
Play 14. Plies - Real Life [Prod. By Lody] (4:09)
Play 15. Plies - Baby Momma Pussy [Prod. By DJ Montay] (3:42)
Play 16. Plies - Save Dey Self [Prod. By G5] (3:43)
5:23 PM February 5, 2015 Tapatio208 said:

I rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6...... keepin it real
3:38 PM August 17, 2014 YoungKush17 via Mobile:

I aint payin em **** i told dat nigga i took it
6:33 PM September 17, 2013 totrill4life said:

My nigga plies go hard real ****
1:28 AM July 22, 2013 Yung4tun3 via Mobile:

#8 true af !
4:36 PM July 16, 2013 bigtymer19xx said:

my nigga plies got a hot one
8:56 PM July 15, 2013 PabloStokelin said:

@annaicsb u jus said the realest **** I on here
10:57 AM June 26, 2013 annaicsb said:

llarn damn why everybody hating on plies yall dont even know this nigga to be saying he fake
but yall quick to say boosie or gotti real tho lol people are so dumb going by what you hear
3:13 PM May 27, 2013 Kingdip2 via Mobile:

jtstory88 shut da hell up n listen 2 da mixtape
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