Mixtapes DJ Frank White, DJ Scream Doe B - Trap Life
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Play 01. Doe B - The Introduction [Prod. By Shawty Boy] (5:09)
Play 02. Doe B - Preach [Prod. By Bao Pham aka Classic] (3:42)
Play 03. Doe B - Alecia Keys [Prod. By King V] (3:25)
Play 04. Doe B - Campaign [Prod. By Bang Brothers] (4:15)
Play 05. Doe B - Trap Wide Open (Feat. Jr. Boss) [Prod. By Will-A-Fool] (2:56)
Play 06. Doe B - One Of These Dayz [Prod. By iBoy] (2:59)
Play 07. Doe B - Do The Most [Prod. By Bang Brothers] (3:48)
Play 08. Doe B - Doin Numbers (Feat. Eldorado Red) [Prod. By Zaytoven] (2:45)
Play 09. Doe B - I Know U Love Me [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (3:01)
Play 10. Doe B - Ken Griffey Jr. (Feat. Jr. Boss) [Prod. By Lex Luger] (4:30)
Play 11. Doe B - Scary (Feat. Boston George) [Prod. By Bang Brothers] (3:23)
Play 12. Doe B - Time Of Day (Feat. Rubberband O.G.) [Prod. By Zaytoven] (3:33)
Play 13. Doe B - Pray 4 Me [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (3:26)
Play 14. Doe B - She A Winner [Prod. By Shawty Boy] (2:56)
Play 15. Doe B - Listen 2 This Song (Feat. Felt Five) [Prod. By KC] (3:35)
Play 16. Doe B - We Str8 (Feat. Perry Boy) [Prod. By Karltin Bankz] (3:05)
Play 17. Doe B - Fishscale [Prod. By Zaytoven] (3:42)
Play 18. Doe B - The Rain Is Gone (Feat. Esquire) [Prod. By M16] (2:43)
19. Doe B - Let Me Find Out (Abridged) [Prod. By Trap Beatz] (3:12)
7:33 AM March 12, 2016 yaboy90 via Mobile:

Rip doe b I can relate to real **** wish you was still here niggas just hate for no reason
3:23 PM December 9, 2015 fraley420 via iOS App:

Ken Griffey jr hoe! RIP to a legend!
8:26 PM August 7, 2015 nerowolf via Mobile:

R.I.P DOE B still bagin them tapes out from back in the days
5:09 AM July 8, 2015 yungbrooks via Mobile:

Wish dude was still here his music foreva
12:09 AM May 23, 2015 gvillethriller via Mobile:

This tape go to hard rip doe south kak banging you in Tha trap all day
6:31 AM April 6, 2015 yungbrooks via Mobile:

R.I.p Doe B he was gone be larger then life
2:32 AM March 30, 2015 Jose_gunner70 via Mobile:

Brick fare days enough to make his ***** state RIP da kid
9:16 AM March 19, 2015 dam_dolo via Mobile:

Rip Doe B Da realist nigga ever! Dis shii dope
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